Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{chicken tortilla casserole}

This is a new favorite at our house.
Its very easy to make and very good.
I serve it with spanish rice.
We served this to our football players at their friday team meal.
It was all gone. I saved myself a plate.
It was delicious.
I almost forgot to take a picture so this will have to do.

Chicken Tortilla Casserole

In a large mixing bowl toss together:
4 large chicken breasts, cooked, boned, and cubed
15 corn tortillas, cut into 1" wide rectangles
3 cups sour cream
3 cans cream of chicken soup
1 small can diced green chilies (not jalapenos)
1 cup grated cheddar or cheddar jack cheese
1/2 t salt and pepper

Pour into a sprayed 9x13 casserole pan and spread out but do not mash down.  Top with 1-2 cups grated cheese.  Bake uncovered @350 degrees for 45 minutes.


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